Hi! I’m Steven. 

Every facet of my life has been influenced by a love for aesthetics and visuals. I pursued a degree in environmental sciences because I didn’t know how else to deal with the intense love I had for the beauty and serenity I saw growing up in the lush Pacific Northwest. All I could think to do was understand it.

Years later, my origins in natural science help me bring a logical problem-solving angle to my design work, ensuring that my creative work serves its intended purpose first and foremost. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, I’ve worked freelance, in house, and at 3 great creative agencies. My breadth of experience means I can adapt to any environment and any timeline and know what questions to ask and what measures to take before a project gets off the ground.

With a love for marrying creativity and function, I thrive on crafting beautiful and inviting brand identities, illustrating and clarifying complicated ideas, and conceptualizing impactful marketing collateral. I deliver designs that are clean, modern, and visually compelling.

Beyond the realm of professional life, I love exploring architecture, trying my hand at interior design, spending time with my cat, exploring new cocktail bars, getting outside as much as possible, and seeking out opportunities to get involved with the local discussion of art and design (shoutout!).

- Cartier
- Deloitte
- F5
- Google
- Microsoft
- Oracle
I hope you’ll feel welcome to reach out with any questions about working together on design, photography, or just to say hi. 

I’m always down for coffee and a chat.