ClientAyush Herbs


ServicesBrand refresh
Packaging design

Ayush Herbs found themselves struggling to capture attention in a marketplace teeming with fierce visual competition. Their outdated logo combined with their indistinct visual identity failed to help them stand out in a highly competitive market. Our challenge was to revitalize their brand identity while ensuring it resonated with their target audience.

To refresh their brand, I developed a look that fused modernity and tradition, showcasing the company’s origins. The logomark incorporated iconic elements, such as the lotus flower and Himalayan mountains, while establishing broad appeal in the wellness market. The fresh and contemporary design paid homage to their previous identity by incorporating recognizable colors and themes. The wordmark featured a strong, clean, and minimal font that evoked a feeling of professionalism and personality, and had a sense of history and approachability.

Our rebranding efforts for Ayush Herbs successfully elevated their visual identity, blending modern aesthetics with the brand’s rich heritage. The new logo captures attention, resonates with their target audience, and solidifies Ayush Herbs’ position as a trusted industry leader. By harmonizing tradition and innovation, we unlocked a design that embodies the essence of Ayush Herbs’ remarkable journey and captivates the discerning eyes of wellness seekers and practitioners alike.