ClientElectric Pen


ServicesAd Campaign

Electric Pen is a small but skilled full service design agency in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.

To promote Electric Pen’s presentation design services, the firm wanted a series of LinkedIn ads that would carry their lighthearted sense of humor and approachable professionalism to stand out among the stock photo-saturated ads across social media platforms.

With a general idea of the tone of the messaging, I helped to write headlines accompanied by humorous and lighthearted characters to tell Electric Pen’s story of the growing importance of presentation visuals post-pandemic.

The following year, a part 2 of the campaign went live on their website, which I illustrated, featuring an interactive presentation showcasing several tips that companies can use for more beautiful and engaging presentation visuals.

Overall, the campaigns reached more than 100,000 viewers and brought over 1,800 visits to their website, making it a very successful first venture into social media campaigns for the agency.